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Killswitch X2 6.18.10

KILLSWITCH X2 returns!




About Superkonduktor:

Born and bred in troubled times in the Northern Irish City of Belfast, Superkonduktor aka Si Moore found solace and passion deep underground at the early age of 15 in the famed club ‘Shine.’ The venue combined a safe haven for young music lovers in a confused city and quickly evolved into one of the most infamous underground techno clubs in Europe. With influence from American based artists such as Green Velvet he developed an initial love of harder percussive house though as time moved on he discovered the complexity of modern minimal techno through artists such Richie Hawtin and Adam Beyer.

It was not long before watching and listening was simply not enough and Si saved up for his first set of turntables, fascinated by how the music was designed and performed. The next number of years were spent hosting small parties in the UK and frequenting the bigger venues to sample the finest performances in clubs such as Fabric, The End and the Glasgow Arches. After several transatlantic moves as a professional rock climber Si has set up base in San Francisco to concentrate on production. He has though brought with him his latest side project – The ‘U-bahng.’

Beginning in the UK in early 2008 and showcasing the finest young modern techno artists alongside the best local talent, the U-bahng has gone from strength to strength hosting artists such as Mathais Kaden, Ben Klock, Clive Henry and Matthais Tanzmann to name a few. With a lot of hard promoting from Si and his partner in crime in the UK, Ryan Cooke ‘U-bahng’ opened its doors in San Francisco last month with a bahng, as the young and exceptionally talented Kyle Geiger took to the turntables. With San Francisco being dubbed as the new Berlin there is really no excuse for what the future may bring……


About Alex Windsor:

Originally from London, UK, Alex has been instrumental in the San Francisco Techno scene here since 1992 as a partner in Gaia Mantra Record store in SF and as a promoter and resident of MAD … for those of you who don’t know, MAD used to be where it was at for Techno in SF from 95-97 Giving voice to the early SF minimal techno scene and showcasing music that would probably had been not heard anywhere else in the city at the time. Alex’s skills have taken him all across the globe, from the US to Japan, and the UK. Over the years he has played alongside the likes of Aphex Twin, Orbital, Carl Craig, Richie Hawtin, Moby, Mr.C, Juan Atkins, Mark Broom, Eddie Richards, Bryan Zentz, Drumcell & Dave Clarke to name a few…


About Rodrigo Quinonezr:

Rodrigo is definitely someone who should be listened to closely. Influenced by a wide variety of music -ranging from deep house to much darker and assertive notes- he crosses many music styles, making his sound hard to pigeonhole. As a constant, his signature approach to heavy rhythm always pulses through.

At 14 he became aware of house and techno, consequently growing incredibly fond of electronic music. The idea of controlling/finessing sound surely became the main interest in his life and in the recent years he has dedicated his time to understanding audio technology. Along with a few like-minded artists he hosts the bi-weekly party ‘SONUS’ in Berkeley, CA with the intention of expanding the techno presence in the SF East Bay. By ignoring the bandwagon, he’s kept true to a darker style, always administering a heavy drop in his groove. He continuously takes energetic sound home to El Salvador with his techno affair ‘RESET’. Back there he’s debuted at popular and curve-shifting weekly and monthly parties as well as much larger scale events held in San Salvador’s nightlife hot spots. He’s shared stages with renowned artists such as Carl Cox, Donald Glaude, as well as some talented fellow locals. Adapting quickly to various crowds he’s earned fruitful recognition.

Inevitably, the intent to draw from energy in subtleties has made innovation his main goal. Inspired by the continuous degree of experimentation in the techno/house realm and stirred by the on-going minimalist sounds, Rodrigo is always pushing himself think and step forward.


About Mossmoss:

Mossmoss brings a breath of fresh air to a club scene that is usually bent on taking itself too seriously. Scottish born, Mattie Bowen has been essential in the growth of techno and actively inspires audiences through art visually and aurally. His pursuits all deeply exude a level of class, compassion, and charisma. His own breed of minimal techno born from the bedrooms and studios of San Francisco offers a hint of a vast repertoire to come that inspires the mind and body simultaneously. Mossmoss was one of three artists featured on Race Car Productions Volume 1, their virgin effort. Since then he released an absolute powerhouse of a remix for Monocle’s Dilleniidae which stole dancefloors the world over in 2007. With a wide open career in both art and music, and a new EP on Alland Byallo’s NLMX net label, Mossmoss will become a household name.”


About Javaight:

David Javate aka DJ Javaight aka JV8, is a DJ, event promoter and writer for Nitevibe and 365Mag. A veteran DJ from Washington DC and lifelong dance music aficionado, David’s love has always been towards the deeper side of house and techno. As is evident in his contributions to SF nightlife with the deep house night, Staple, the ground breaking techno event, Optimal, and the techno happy hour, Killswitch, David continues to showcase deeper styles with a DJ style which acknowledges house and techno’s pioneers while also welcoming today’s innovators. Showing the diversity of being able to play during different moods of the night, David always strives to take the listener on a journey, and make an audio collage which moves the mind and body.


About dCOY:

Tim dCOY was raised in the Cleveland suburb of Elyria, OH where he spent many a day on a skateboard, strumming his guitar, and playing in psychedelic/alt/Manchester influenced bands.

In the late ‘80s, Tim began going to dance clubs, and found himself being more and more influenced by the electronic sounds of Meat Beat Manifesto, Ministry, Nitzer Ebb and 808 State (to name a few).

In 1996, being heavily influenced by the more raw, stripped down sounds of the Midwest, Tim started DJing in Gainesville, Florida, playing sets of pure techno – contrasting heavily against the local standards of breaks and trance. Always in search of a home, Tim would eventually leave Gainesville to follow his heart to the West. By 2007 Tim was in San Francisco and DJing on a steady diet of minimal techno and tech-house. Alongside fellow DJs Razvan, Farzana, and IXD, Tim helped establish Oakland’s now legendary Black Market Techno.

In February 2008, Tim decided that everyone needed more techno and co-founded Killswitch with DJ Javaight, a weekly techno happy hour in the Lower Haight where Tim continues to push the envelope and the rhythm into the hearts and minds of listeners. Over the years, Tim has played alongside artists such as Dan Curtin, Seth Troxler, Josh Wink, Meat Beat Manifesto, Todd Sines, Reference, Eric Johnston, and Sassmouth, among others. Always keeping the dance floor a priority, dCOY drops with a solid mix of tech and textures, vibrations and aftershocks.


About Dave Siska:

David Siska has been selecting electronic dance music for Chicago’s airwaves, loft parties, and clubs for over a decade. In the past several years he’s become known in global circles as co-host of the Chicago-based Sonic Sunset radio program, an acclaimed show dedicated to connecting eras and blurring lines between genres in electronic music. After residencies at some of Chicago’s most respected venues, David has moved on to San Francisco, where he’s focusing on starting his label – Remnant – to showcase texturally evocative electronic compositions from established and emerging artists.